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Pre-school Staff

Our staff are friendly, approachable and offer a high standard of care.  We have at least five members of staff per session maintaining or exceeding the ratio of adults to children set through the National Standards for Day Care at all times.

 All the staff are involved with all the children during daily activities and contribute to your child's development, but after a settling in period every child will be allocated a key person. Your child's key person takes a special interest in them, and keeps records and evidence of their progress along with examples of their work. The records are used to help plan sessions around the children's needs.  Our key persons are placed to ensure they spend as much time as possible with their key person child.  The person(s) running register sessions will by key person to the children in their group and in most circumstances will remain that child's key person until the child leaves the setting.

As well as gaining qualifications in early years care and education, our staff take part in further training to keep up to date with best practice in early years care and education.

The regular staff in the group are:

Name                           Title                                 Qualifications

Liz Sidney                    Supervisor                      Diploma in Pre-school Practice

Mandy Curtis               Deputy Supervisor          NVQ Level 3

Tina Majchrzak            Pre-school Assistant      NVQ Level 3

Sue Newton                 Pre-school Assistant      NVQ Level 3

Louise Cliffe                 Pre-school Assistant      NVQ Level 3

Michelle Marshall         Pre-school Assistant      NVQ Level 3

Jeannie Cranfield        Pre-school Helper

Jacqui Oxley               Administrator


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